The Tale of Fantasy Gamers – Ares’ Wood Elves – Part 2

Despite having 1500 points of Blood Angels to paint, I’ve managed to squeeze in some time to work on my Wood Elves. I’ve made significant progress since my last post. Check out my autumnal scheme and expert deer-painting skills by clicking for more.

Glade Guard

Spectacularly ignoring my self-imposed-plucked-out-of-thin-air deadline of this Saturday as a date to finish my Blood Angels by, I fully embraced the hobby butterfly within and made progress on my Wood Elves instead.  The first stage was undercoating (I used white primer by Vallejo) and basecoating. The basecoat was applied by airbrush and comprises a first coat of Castellan Green and a zenithal highlight of Loren Forest.  The result looked a little something like this.

The of Fantasy Gamers - Ares Wood Elves 01


In my games I have been running two units of ten Glade Guard, equipped with Hagbane Tips. These poison arrows make short work of Warmachines, or lightly armoured foes. Every roll of a six is an instant wound, and for those units that (like my Elves) enjoy prancing about the battlefield without cumbersome suits of armour, these instant wounds can add up pretty quickly. The second unit of Glade Guard (see cover photo above) have hoods instead of the masked Wood Elves heads you can see here. In larger games I will be using the hooded archers as Deepwood Scouts, but I will keep the poison arrows – naturally!

Heroes and Waywatchers

What Wood Elves army is complete without a Spellsinger calling upon the spirits of the leaf to crush the enemies of the forest? Who can even think about deploying the warhost of Athel Loren without at least one, if not two, Waywatcher units. These archers have been the bane of Aphrodite’s Dark Elves for the past few practice games, unleashing hails of arrows that ignore armour, or firing volleys of multiple shots into the massed ranks of the enemy. To complete my love affair with these most awesome of Wood Elves units, I’ve taken a Waystalker with the Bow of Loren. His favourite hobby is sniping Dark Elf Sorceresses out of their units with his Sniper ability, the little rascal.

The of Fantasy Gamers - Ares Wood Elves 03

Using earthy tones, with a splash of red and yellow to add some exciting colours to the model, I finished the first test model of the army. Here she is in her full autumnal glory, although with the reds and greens she’s looking a tad Christmassy! To complete the autumn theme, the bases of my miniatures will be scattered with leaf litter. So, what do you guys think of the test model?

The of Fantasy Gamers - Ares Wood Elves 07

Wild Riders Steeds of Kurnous

Continuing the Christmas theme I painted up some reindeer next, I… oh wait, that’s not right.

These Steeds of Kurnous will be ferrying my Wild Riders into battle.

The of Fantasy Gamers - Ares Wood Elves Cover Photo

I undercoated the models white and preshaded with black from underneath. The models were then basecoated with Doombull Brown and highlighted with Tuskgor Fur. The tail, hooves, antlers and fur were basecoated with Zandri Dust and highlighted with Ushabti Bone.

The of Fantasy Gamers - Ares Wood Elves 06

The saddles were painted using the same greens as my Glade Guard, and I added some deer-like markings to these noble steeds using a mix of Bugmans’s Glow and Ratskin Flesh. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with the finished test model for these Steeds of Kurnous and I’ve ordered another box from Games Workshop to make into Sisters of the Thorn, where I will be reversing the scheme!

The of Fantasy Gamers - Ares Wood Elves 08


So, followers of Olympia, what do we think? Have you got any suggestions on how I might improve my scheme? Any list ideas on how to add to the army once I take it over 1000 pts? As always, comment below to let us know your thoughts and share the post amongst your friends who might be interested in the Wood Elves. I better dash, I have some Blood Angels to paint.

Until next time!

– Ares



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