The Tale of Fantasy Gamers – Hermes’ Lizardmen – Part 1

Welcome to my first post in this year’s Tale of Fantasy Gamers series.

Originally I had planned on doing Ogres as my Tale of Gamers army, this was mostly influenced by the fact that you can have armies with a very small number of models.

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As I have plenty of Orks to paint after the codex release this seemed like the perfect solution for me to get into a new game system. However, having looked at the range of models available to Lizardmen and wanting an army that offered a bit more magic my mind was changed.

My main motivation for this was to learn the game system, so I wanted an army that would provide me with a good range of units to learn with. I also love the idea of Lizardmen and in particular the large beasts they have access to. My first purchase was a battalion box set with a Skink Priest to base my army around. I wanted a quick and easy way to build my army and the battalion gave me a good start.

The Tale of Fantasy Gamers – Hermes' Lizardmen 1

The List

From this base I added a couple more units to get to 1000pts, not really knowing what works and what doesn’t,  I went for a couple of basic units to help enhance what I have and to provide some ranged support. Once I get playing I can change and add to the list but for now I am happy with where I am starting.


Skink Priest: Level 2 Wizard; Lore of Heavens 100

Saurus Scar-Veteran: Enchanted Shield; Sword of Swift Slaying; light armour; Cold One 136


18 Saurus Warriors: spears; Spawn Leader; standard bearer 218

10 Skink Skirmishers 70


10 Temple Guard: Revered Guardian; musician 160 5 Cold One Riders 150


2 Salamander Hunting Pack: additional Skink Handler 164

998 points

The Tale of Fantasy Gamers – Hermes' Lizardmen 2

The Army

Luckily basing my army around the Lizardmen Battalion Set made selection fairly easy, some of the units were cut down to help the inclusion of the 2 Salamanders and the Scar Veteran but mostly the units come from that set. The plan will be to have the Saurus and the Temple guard in the middle whilst using the cavalry and skirmishers on the flanks. I’ll start off using Lore of Beasts on the Skink Priest to help buff the main units in the middle.

My plan is to paint my army in fairly standard Lizardmen colours, mostly blues with some red on the shields and gold details on the armour. The variety in terms of colour and design will come later when I add units like the Bastiladon and Stegadon to the army.

The Tale of Fantasy Gamers – What’s Next?

Next week we from the steppes north of the Empire we have Apollo’s Kislev army emerging to take on the End Times that are engulfing the Warhammer World. Check back to see how he is getting on.


My Name is Mark, Previously I have worked on DaMekshop hobby blog centered around my ever increasing ork collection. As my interests diversified my needs as a blogger have changed, from being primarily an ork player I have moved into a wider range of Games Workshop games and armies to other formats such as x wing.