The Tale of Fantasy Gamers – Hermes’ Lizardmen – Part 2

Continuing his journey into Lustria, Hermes takes us through his progress in the second part of his Tale of Fantasy Gamers series. More after the jump.

Having picked up most of the models I required in the battalion box set I set about constructing my army. As most  the models were plastic the army went together quickly with very little trouble. The only kits that gave me any issue were the Cold One Riders and the Scar Vet on Cold One.

The Building Stage

The Tale of Fantasy Gamers - Hermes Lizardmen - Part 2 - 1

As I think I have stated before I am a big fan of the battalion box sets, I’ll probably end up picking another up when I go to expand the army in the future.  Perhaps if we do another Tale of Fantasy Gamers in the future.


The first unit to be put together was the Saurus unit. This block of 20 will form the core of my force during games.



The above picture shows the army as it stands at the moment just before base coating. As you can see my hobby desk is a bit of a mess, unfortunately this is only one of many projects I have going at the moment.


When it came to painting I initially was undecided about how I wanted the army to look. In the end i decided to fork out for the iPad version of ‘How to Paint Lizardmen’. Whilst I like these books and find them very useful, the price can be a bit steep, so I would advise that you use them sparingly.


Being a bit of a sucker for the classic paint schemes in the end I decided to go with the classic blue tones for my main infantry units, with the intention that the wide variety of monstrous creatures available to Lizardmen will provide the variety in colour to the army.

The image above shows my first test Saurus.  I was quite happy with the results and he didn’t take long to complete either. Unfortunately due to other painting commitments this month I haven’t been able to complete more than this model as of yet, hopefully I can crack on and make some progress in the coming month.


Making some progress on the front rank.


Having made a good start I want to keep my momentum going now hopefully my next post will include a few completed units. Next week Ares takes us through the progress he has been making with his Wood Elves.

– Hermes