The Tale of Fantasy Gamers – Zeus’ Warriors of Chaos – Part 2

The end times are upon us and Warhammer Fantasy is going through an odd kind of renaissance at the moment. I can’t be certain if it is just the fact that I am paying more attention to Warhammer Fantasy now but the internet seems to be alive with Fantasy articles and hobby projects. Unfortunately, I really wish Glottkin had been released before I started this army, as it stands I shall be picking up a ton of boxes from that release in the new year and maybe even running a pure Nurgle list as an alternative to what I have right now.

Right, on topic, Tale of Fantasy Gamers! We are a month on already. This year is going far too quickly and I am running out of time to get this army ready for a pre New Year game. However, I have actually built everything! Unfortunately, my painting OCD means that nothing is actually on a base yet, instead everything is pinned to a cork or something similar so I can paint them properly. I have collected some highlight images for you after the break.

Battle Standard Bearer
Warriors of Chaos - BSB

I showed a sneak peek of this guy last month but here he is on a standard base to be used as a BSB when I scale the list up. He isn’t actually attached to the base but I thought I should show what I have planned. All the bases for this army have been prepped with cork and shall be getting extra texturing work before I start casting them. Casting these bases in resin will be much easier than modelling each base in the army army and resin will also be better for inserting magnets on certain models that will be doubling as heros or the like and as unit fillers.

Warriors of Chaos - Khorne Unit Filler

Talking of unit fillers, the BSB will be magnetized so that I can field it on this larger sized base to fill out my Warriors of Khorne. Again this unit filler sized base will be cast for use throughout the army. While we are still looking at this guy I should say that I deliberately went with a green stuff banner rather than the stock one as I wanted a much larger canvas so I can indulge and challenge my freehand skills.. really looking forward to tackling this.

Nurgle Warriors of Chaos

Warriors of Chaos - Nurgle Command 1

Now we take a look at some standard infantry. These are Avatars of War models kitbashed with my bits box. I really wanted my Khornate and Nurgle Warriors of Chaos to be distinguishable from one another beyond just a red vs green paint. The full unit is complete but I thought the command section would be more interesting to share with you all. The heavily dented design of the armour lends itself to the followers of Nurgle better than the standard Games Workshop Warriors of Chaos kit. Hopefully the non standard kit wont cause issues in my games, although to be fair the likelihood of me ever getting a game against someone other than a fellow Olympian is small and I get to override their opinions (kinda.. sometimes..).

Warriors of Chaos - Nurgle Command 2

Above we see the second units command section. I have just noticed that I have used the same set of legs for both units musicians, that is going to bug me! Again a mix of parts and it is worth noting that I hate to have similar looking models (hence those musicians are going to annoy me) so I decided to trim the banner from the first unit as well as changing the banner top and with this unit changed the ends of the cross piece and put another skull into the cluster at the top. It is worth noting that both squads have 3 skulls on their banner, Nurgle is pleased.

Chaos Lord on Juggernaut

Warriors of Chaos - Lord on Juggernaut 1


Now for the bad man himself. This guy is my Lord on juggernaut and he has been subjected to a ton of kitbashed parts and conversion work. Parts from the Chaos Lord on Manticore, Warrriors of Chaos, Chaos Lord, Terrorgheist etc have all been used. I wanted to convey a sense of movement in the model that would capture the moment that he skewers one of Apollo’s Kislev Beardies. Keep in mind that this model is pinned together at the moment so that I can paint it in sections. This means that the pose doesn’t look perfect at the moment but shall come together when everything is painted.

Warriors of Chaos - Lord on Juggernaut 2

Warriors of Chaos - Lord on Juggernaut 3

Warriors of Chaos - Lord on Juggernaut 4

Warriors of Chaos - Lord on Juggernaut 5

Warriors of Chaos - Lord on Juggernaut 6

I have sculpted a lot of cloaks and the like in the past but the movement in the model made this very difficult to do. Unfortunately, I think the creases in the fabric came out a little too stark and should have been smoother but the movement is exactly what I was after, I can live with the creases and I shall just have to make sure I smooth them out a little with the paint job.

My Warriors of Chaos Next Month

I have only shown a selection of what I have ready for paint, the entire 1000pt force is now primed and ready for painting. I shall be showing off the whole army as we move through and I am looking to put together some Workshop articles for some of the more heavily converted units that I haven’t shown off here to give you a better understanding of the work rather than a quick look in these posts. Further to this we shall all be running Showcase posts for our units when the armies are finished. I am really enjoying the change from 40k modelling and cannot wait to get to grips with painting in this style.


I am Zeus, primary contributor to the site and co-owner of Fifty Shades of Wray, oh I am also God of the sky, lightning, thunder, law, order and justice to name but a few of my concerns. Having been playing tabletop games and painting miniatures for most of my life I have a wealth of information borne from success and from the bitter experience gained from my mistakes in the hobby. If anyone has any questions about the Twelve Olympians or the hobby in general I am more than happy to discuss them with you.