The Tale of Fantasy Gamers – Zeus’ Warriors of Chaos – Part 1

Just as with most of the other Olympians, I have dabbled in a bit of Fantasy now and then, buying armies but always selling them off before they were painted. This time I shall be doing this right. I think what held me back before was the fact that I kept trying to make pansy Elf armies. Not so this time, this time we get the big bad Warriors of Chaos.

Warriors of ChaosThere is a universal truth that between both Fantasy and Warhammer 40k the best faction for going to town with conversions is Chaos. Demons are pretty good as well but the armour of the Chaos Marines and Warriors of Chaos allows you to have real freedom mixing organics and metallics on the same model. Further to this, Warriors of Chaos have 4 distinct gods with their own distinct colours and heraldry allowing for some real variation between units made from the same kits.

The last point from above leads on quite well into why the Warriors of Chaos are interesting to game with as again, they have 4 distinct gods with very distinct playstyles. In 40k this has meant that with relatively few models I can run almost and infinite variety of lists going either mono god or various shades of that.

Zeus’ 1000pt Warriors of Chaos List

Now before I show off the list I should caveat.. I know what I am doing with almost any army in 40k to some degree… Fantasy is almost entirely alien in terms of game mechanics. Therefore, I had a chat with Aphrodite who is much more at home with the game and we came up with something that I had both the models for and seemed like it could actually stand against the other Olympians lists for a few turns.

Exalted Hero + Mark of Khorne + halberd + shield + Juggernaut of Khorne

20 Chaos Warriors + Mark of Khorne + shield + halberds + Aspiring Champion + musician + standard bearer

5 Chaos Warhounds + Vanguard

5 Chaos Warhounds + Vanguard

5 Chaos Warhounds+ Vanguard

3 Skullcrushers of Khorne + ensorcelled weapons + Skullhunter + musician + standard bearer

998 points

As Aphrodite already has all the above I am going to be able to test it out with his army while I get mine built.

Sneak Peak

As teased.. I have cheated a little and actually put some models together and I want show you one in particular… for now this guy will jkust be a Mark of Khorne unit filler but when we get up to 2k I shall have him magnetised to the base so I can put him on an appropriate sized one for a BSB:

Warriors of Chaos

I hope your as excited as I am to see where this goes. I shall be back in a few weeks with my own part 2 post when I should be able to show off some completed units. Who knows I might have even had a game with them by then!


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