The Tale of Fantasy Gamers – Aph’s Dark Elves – Part 2

The Tale of Fantasy Gamers – Aph’s Dark Elves – Part 2

Aph here kicking off month 2 of our Tale of Fantasy Gamers series.  Click for more square based goodness.

I have had to come to terms with some home truths.  I may have mentioned before that in the 40k universe I’m all about building a narrative into a game.  I love the fluff.  As such many a battle has resulted in some quite memorable last stands, valiant rear guard actions or simple and utter annihilations on my behalf.

In the Warhammer Fantasy world though I’m the complete opposite.  I’m the Khorne Red to my own Doombull.  However it was pointed out to me, subtly I may add, that considering some of our number in this tale have only a basic understanding of the rules that a full on blitzkrieging kerbstomp probably isn’t the best way to go about helping my fellow gamers along.

To cut a long story short, I’m changing my list.  Out comes the Kharibdyss, the Sorceress loses a magic level and I’ve shed 2 Reaper Bolt Throwers.  I’ve also trimmed down the corsair unit to 16 from twenty.

What that does mean is I can include some more dynamic regiments in the form of Shades and Dark Riders.  Both these new units will have Repeater Crossbows so the Corsair unit will have 2 hand weapons.  being reduced in number means they’ll need those extra attacks.

All these units are smaller and on their own cannot hold a resilient unit. a charge from Hermes’ Cold ones or if Athena’s Vampire gets into the mix I’m in trouble.  But I can’t have a fighty character everywhere on the board…. or can I?

Shadowblade.  The assassin of assassins.  He can hide in most units and unlike other assassins he can switch which unit he is in.  He’s not seen much in Dark Elf armies (Assassins in general aren’t) however here, at this level, I think he’s a good choice.  My enemies are going to have to think very hard about engaging one of my units for fear of flushing him out.

The Tale of Fantasy Gamers - Shadowblade

Here’s my new list I’ll be looking to build:

Supreme Sorceress


16 Black Ark Corsairs (with additional hand weapons)
+ Reaver + musician + standard bearer

5 Dark Riders
+ repeater crossbows

2 Reaper Bolt Throwers

7 Shades
+ great weapons

997 points

Building / Painting

Thinking about painting I wanted to move away from the more usual black, purple and gold colours more normally associated with the Dark Elves.  Having a core unit of Corsairs helps here as their Sea Dragon Cloaks throw up numerous possibilities.  This was a raiding force I was building and why not plunder the southern shores of Lustria.  (Hermes will not be happy)

I went for some striking aquatic blues and greens with the cloaks and was pleasantly surprised with the results.

The Tale of Fantasy Gamers - Corsair Front

The Tale of Fantasy Gamers - Corsair Rear

The front of the model is a bit more ordinary and I may look to do something with the armour at later date however I want to try to avoid over embellishing these guys.  They’re at sea for long periods of time and the only swag they bring back to the shores of Naggaroth are slaves.  Plus, it’s not as if these guys do it for the gold, they do it because they’re heartless, malicious and evil!

As you an see fro below I’ve started airbrushing on the first 2 coasts of the Sea Dragon Cloaks.  Next is the Painstaking task of picking out all the scales with Temple Guard Blue. (Oh God!)

The Tale of Fantasy Gamers - Corsair Cloaks


As for my Priest of Mathlann, I wanted something different,  something to stand apart from the Dark Elf Sorceress we usually see.  This girl is going to get pretty cold pretty quickly standing on the deck of a Doom Reaver!

The Tale of Fantasy Gamers - Dark Elf Sorceress

I looked through my collection of bits and built this chap.  He has a strong Beastmaster theme, if he can command a Doom Reaver and summon Karibdyss then he should!  but I’ve added the head of a Warlock to give him a mystical look.

The Tale of Fantasy Gamers - Dark Elf Sorcerer

On to the Dark Rider and the Shades.  The Dark Riders were simple.  I love the new kit so all I had to do was go and get some!  The Shades however were an issue.  The old models are showing their age and the only real stand in is the still dated Regiment of Renown “Mengil Manhide’s Manflayers”   So I converted some.  I looked on the internet for some inspiration and saw some people had done a half decent job converting Wood Elf Glade Guard (‘Heresy’ you’ll hear Apollo cry!)

The Tale of Fantasy Gamers - Dark Elf Shades (HERESY! - Ares)

As you can see I’ve taken the bodies of the Glade Guard and added Dark Elf weapons.  The Great Weapons of the Dark Elf Executioners are comically large but at least they stand out!  None of these kits are designed to go together and so that why there are some awkward poses and a few Hollywood style continuity errors (see if you can spot them on the crossbowmen).

At time of posting this I had almost finished the Dark riders but I’ll wait until next month to show you those and hopefully some more progress on the Corsair unit.

The Tale of Fantasy Gamers - Dark Riders and Shades


Next week Athena joins the Tale of Fantasy Gamers with dark incantations and diabolic resurrections.

– Aph




Aphrodite was born when Cronus cut off Uranus's genitals and threw them into the sea, laughing. Technically I'm wedded to Hephaestus but only because he's ugly and deformed and not a threat to man nor beast. In other news I've been wargaming for over twenty years. Collecting, painting and playing wargames, mainly Games Workshop stuff. I especially enjoy converting miniatures and making them my own. From simple weapon swaps to full on multi model kitbashes. I'm huge fan of the narrative side of gaming and lean heavily towards more characterful armies. Watch this space for Heretical automatons, Psycho-indoctrinated transhumans, The denizens of mortal chaos (and perhaps their Daemon allies) and the cruel and eternally spiteful elves of Nagarroth....

  • corrm

    I’m looking forward to this series, having just been tempted back into fantasy from 40k by the Nagash end times book. I have just started a vampire counts army as my very first warhammer army was undead (back when they were combined).

    • Aphrodite

      Hi Corrm, we’ve all been taken a back by the end times books. there are muttterings about building up to this level and maybe showcaseing some of the bigger models. (Apollo is a secret follower of Nurgle) Obviously I’ll be looking forward to see what happens on Ulthuan.

      In my next post I’ll be talking a little about the impact of the Nagash book and my plans to use the Lore of Undeath.

      Stay tuned!


    • Dangermouse425

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying the series, Corrm. The “Tale of” series has been a massive motivator for us all. Having a deadline and painting alongside your mates can really help get your minis done in a decent enough time. Our aim is to have 1000pts done by the end of January 2015. Stay tuned for more updates to the Tale of Fantasy Painters as the weeks go by!

      – Ares

  • Caesar Slattery

    If painting Corsairs, try Revell or Tamiya or GW acrylic paint metallics (to paint metallic scales onto Sea Dragon cloaks) – see attached work-in-progress 2 photos (wash/shade darker gaps between dragon scales). Caesar

    • Dangermouse425

      Thanks for sharing, Caeser! I must say, whilst I love the plastics GW are producing these days, their old metal models certain tug at the nostalgia heartstrings for me! Using metallics on the scales is a great idea and can really add a cool “shimmering scales” effect to the cloaks, it’s a nice touch.

      – Ares

  • Caesar Slattery

    2 Corsairs with metallic-paint Sea-Dragon cloaks