The Tale of Fantasy Gamers – Zeus’ Warriors of Chaos – Part 3

The Warriors of Chaos are rising! The Old World is burning and a new age is on the horizon. Click for more of my Warriors of Chaos and to see what combat beast I’ve added to the army to deal with all these End Times monstrosities on the tabletops.

There are a lot of rumours kicking about regarding changes to Warhammer Fantasy Battle after the earth shattering events of The End Times. As I understand it there will be one more book for End Times covering Chaos with a look more towards Khorne than the Nurgle-centric Glottkin. I am naturally excited about that and hoping for some cool new models to add to my army but I am quite intrigued to see what exactly happens after that book and whether we will recognise the face of Warhammer Fantasy Battle 9th Edition.

To see my progress up to this point take a look at my previous posts, Part 1 and Part 2.

Warriors of Chaos

With all the big badass models released recently I felt I needed to start work on something that could fight back. With the Forge World Khorne Daemon Prince being the most badass of all big models I got to work cleaning one up and it is now preshaded and base coated.

Warriors of Chaos - Greater Daemon of Khorne - Front

It is early days but the red is ready for an oil wash and highlighting. I really cannot wait to get stuck into the golds on this guy as there are some large armoured areas that will really pop. Such a cool model to paint.

Warriors of Chaos - Greater Daemon of Khorne - Left


With such a large model I had a good opportunity to test my plans for painting the rest of the Warriors of Chaos army. Mistakes are easier to correct and pre shading can be a little less accurate on a bigger model so it has helped me work out how to approach smaller models.

Warriors of Chaos - Greater Daemon of Khorne - Back

Looking over these pictures I can see a few things that need fixing, a few areas that need some shading added back in.

Warriors of Chaos - Greater Daemon of Khorne - Right

Hopefully in my next post I shall have this guy finished up and ready to showcase.

Warriors of Chaos - Khorne BSB - Front

Having worked out how I wanted to approach the red on the Khorne portion of the army with the Daemon Prince I picked up the BSB. He is at the same stage as the Daemon Prince now and he shall be just as much fun to work on.

Time is running out for the Old World and for me to actually field the Warriors of Chaos before it goes I need to get cracking. Next time I shall have some finished models to showcase!

– Zeus


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