The Road to Vanquish 2015 – Hephaestus’ Grey Knights

For Vanquish last year, I took my Salamander Space Marine force which preformed well against some big hitting lists, however I found it lacking in some key departments. So, for Vanquish 2015 I needed staying power, some BAMFs and some nasty psychic powers!

This year, its time to roll out the Sigillite’s finest.

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Grey Knights

Vanquish 2015 - Grey Knights

With a sizeable force of Grey Knights already in my collection, it was time to put them to good use. Initially I had decided that Draigo would appear and play his part in a list that was small but tooled to the teeth with weapon options and relics.

Draigo, Librarian, Terminators, Storm Ravens and Dread Knights. Small, resilient and perhaps obvious, but would be fun to play and a sufficient step up from my last force.

However after seeing the Vanquish Rules Pack, it became clear I could and would need to go bigger! Super Heavies were in (mostly)! Unfortunately, my favourite looking Knight Titan didn’t make the comp, but my second did! Draigo was out and the Cerastus Knight Castigator was in.

The list is still in the play testing but so far has proven to be fairly effective vs some nasty opponents.

The List for Vanquish 2015

2x Terminator units,
2x Storm Ravens,
2x Dread Knights,
Knight Castigator

Ill lose out on variety points but I don’t mind that. I was also worried when writing this list that I would suffer in the Maelstorm missions with only two units of slow moving troops, but so far in my play testing I’ve found the combination of psychic powers and the Tactical Warlord Trait table has worked well to mitigate this disadvantage.

With some ideas on how to improve the list in mind and a couple more practice battles coming up before Vanquish, this should be a solid force ready for our annual pilgrimage to Bristol!

I’ll do another post of the battle ready force once complete, but for now here are some progress pictures of the Castigator.

Castigator Body WIP Castigator Arm WIP


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